2019.11.26 MSc and BSc thesis project proposals for spring 2020

For spring 2020 we propose more than 15 BSc or MSc thesis projects related to Augmented Reality, Digital Games Research, Situation Awareness (AI), Persuasive Technologies, Eye Tracking, and Interaction Design. Many of the the thesis proposals are tied to the Augmented Attention project.  Examples:

  • Storytelling techniques for influencing behaviour in everyday situations
  • A player/object tracking system for a collaborative/competitive tabletop board game
  • A Wizard-of-Oz tabletop gameplay tracking simulator app for Android or iOS
  • A head-worn AR gaze guidance prototype for tabletop game
  • Classification of game players based on behavior in an AR board game
  • Interaction design of an AR tabletop game
  • Human intention recognition in a smart environment

More info here.

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